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lag in game mechanics following 1.18 update


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      In order to keep this report focused, please check whether one of the issues below better matches what you are experiencing before you comment.

      MCPE-64344: villagers working lags the game
      MCPE-68796: hoppers trying to push shulker boxes into shulker boxes, or items into full chests, lags the game
      MCPE-120971: new chunks take a long time to load when flying
      MCPE-125388: boats disappear or teleport when you exit them
      MCPE-137537: looking at large amounts of chests causes FPS drop
      MCPE-142010: falling blocks stutter or rubberband
      MCPE-141920: minecarts stutter or rubberband while moving
      MCPE-142692: game freezes repeatedly on XBox when playing on specific accounts
      MCPE-146478: seemingly random lag in the nether cause by baby striders riding adult striders
      MCPE-147882: mobs' pathfinding being obstructed while targeting (including ghasts trapped in minecarts) lags the game
      MCPE-148531: inventories not opening after trying to open a minecart with hopper or chest
      MCPE-149193: larger worlds on PlayStation corrupted/not loading textures after 1.18.0 update
      MCPE-149866: going to the overworld on PlayStation crashes the game after 1.18.0 update

      Please also note that this report is for delayed events and interactions that started in 1.18 and predominantly occurs in multiplayer sessions in chunks that were generated before the 1.18.0 update

      I've just updated to 1.18 on my PS4 and there is so much lag in the mechanics of the game, opening chests, doors, gates, interacting with villagers, killing mobs, using fireworks to fly. So much just isn't working. I use the word lag as sometimes, after about a minute, a few sound effects play and then the system seems to have caught up again, only to lag one more but most of the time, things are just seeming to not work.

      Is there anything I can do to get rid of these issues?

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