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Chests cause huge frame drops! While my system is almost idling!


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      On Bedrock Edition, vast amounts of chests cause fps to drop massively compared to other container things like barrels or hoppers! This drop in fps appears despite that my system isn't in any way being utilized to its fullest.

      Why this is an issue
      This problem was discovered while expanding our sorting/storage system on our private server (Windows server with BDS occupied by friends and family) as we all began to experience frame drops (mostly playing on gamer PC's with eg. RTX3080, GTX1080ti, GTX1080 or GTX970 graphic cards) as the expansion progressed. We have around 1600 chests distributed in 4 rooms (3 floors).. Approx. 200 item filters which each has 4 double chests (1600). With 200 item frames (which also create lag, understandable though) my frames are now at 40, and not the 144 I am use to in MC.

      I've attached 2 screenshots from our survival world, to show you why this is such a bummer to us all, as hording is one of the main objectives of Minecraft.. right?

      Tests/replication of the issue
      I have created some testcases to reproduce the issue attached as screenshots. They are created in a creative world on a dedicated server.

      I used the /fill command for block placement and brute force for placing the frames and filling them as I can't figure out how or if it is even possible to do by commands?!

      Fill used as followed;

      /fill ~1 ~1 ~1 ~10 ~10 ~10 'item'

      So 1000 chests, barrels and hoppers.

      I then used FoxyNoTails markers addon to show the fps on screen and thereby in the screenshots (ty Foxy btw)

      I think the screenshots shows my issue very well and leaves only one conclusion.. chests create massive frame drops without using the hardware available! Not because of a low budget PC btw!!!

      I have some questions and a couple of suggestions that could solve the issue (mostly jumping to conclusion for this part.. please comment)

      So my questions would be, after the testing;

      1. What makes chests so hard to render compared to eg. barrels and hoppers?
      2. Why is my computer (and mostly my graphics card) not being utilized to avoid the frame drops?!
      3. If it is a texture problem, a re-rendering animation error or in that ball park, could this then be solved by a texture pack update?!
      4. Could you maybe just give the option to enable or disable chest animation?!
      5. Make a double barrel?

      I know it's often dangerous to jump to conclusions, but my knowledge within PC hardware and programming makes me confident enough to at least try to be creative in finding solutions to issues I encounter when using my PC. Me spending hours and hours in our survival world, building things like HUGE sorting/storage halls and running low on fps, without my PC's power being utilized, counts as such an issue!

      PC specs
      My PC specs are; AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, GTX1080, 32 GB RAM, M.2 SSD drive, 144 MHz monitor.

      If any other information or actions are needed from my part, please let me know, as I'm new at reporting bugs and might have missed something obvious..

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        3. Barrels filled frames-1.png
          Barrels filled frames-1.png
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        4. Chests-1.png
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        5. Chests empty frames.png
          Chests empty frames.png
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        6. Chests filled frames.png
          Chests filled frames.png
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        9. Hoppers-1.png
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        10. Intel UHD Graphics.png
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        11. Main sorting hall (3 levels with chests).png
          Main sorting hall (3 levels with chests).png
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        12. minecrafe (3).png
          minecrafe (3).png
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          RTX 3060.png
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        14. Second sorting hall (2 levels).png
          Second sorting hall (2 levels).png
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        15. villagers.png
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