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So many bugs I don't have the time to create different reports for them all


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      I updated my game to the new update, made a copy of one of my worlds and updated it to have the new caves. Here's a list of the bugs I found in the span of about 10 minutes:

      -Friend joined, couldn't see him or his nametag
      -Couldn't see half the mobs
      -Couldn't spawn mobs
      -Night vision potion (drinkable version) wasn't working
      -Fireworks not working
      -Permanently sprinting
      -Unable to sprint
      -Delayed sprinting
      (Switched to survival mode, friend left the game)
      -Couldn't take damage from falling or lava
      -Took damage for no reason whatsoever, didn't stop even after multiple respawns
      -Died after a 3 or 4 block height while at full hearts
      -Couldn't break certain blocks
      -Mobs randomly showed up from a distance and disappeared as I got closer
      -Couldn't enter the nether or the end
      -Couldn't hit mobs
      -Couldn't sleep
      -Time cycle randomly went backwards about 10 seconds every 20 seconds or so
      -Delayed inventory opening
      -Can phase through floating blocks (that are at face level)

      I apologize for not getting any screenshots or video

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