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Minecraft Bedrock is very laggy after the update (1.18)


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      I'm experiencing extreme lag of the mechanics even with the lowest settings - can't open chests, doors, buttons don't work, minecarts are not working and disappearing when I try to break them. One skeleton was shooting at me and I couldn't even touch him with my sword, the mouse buttons are just not working and when I got behind him he was still shooting at me and I was taking damage and I was shot at by animation but I was literally behind him. I couldn't open my iron doors with buttons at all and I couldn't sleep in the bed. When I tried to mine I mine one block and it's not broken, not in my inventory. If I wait like 5 minutes the animation finally broke it. If I try to place whatever block in its place before the 5 minutes are up it's just placing it back... It is really frustrating, especially with the new update where I wanted to explore the caves under my existing world. The only thing that is not affected by the lag is walking/running speed and jumping.

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