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Terrible Performance on Nintendo Switch


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      1.18 has come with a large number of performance issues on Switch. While we were all expecting this, it shouldn't be this bad, I'm sure. For example, chunks can take multiple minutes to load, meaning the player is forced to wait on the chunks to load before continuing on their journey. Another issue is massive lag spikes that makes it impossible to do nearly everything. These are only a couple of the problems, and I'm not going to get started on loading times now. Attached is a video showing the lag spike issue, specifically a problem with picking up items. If I take the time to record other performance issues, I'll be sure to put them here.

      All of these bugs have been recorded using a 12-chunk render distance, which is the recommended distance on Switch.

      Link to chunk problem (video was too big): https://youtu.be/9E19SQGmD5I

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