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Performance issues with Switch version


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    • 1.18.0
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    • Nintendo Switch

      • Everytime a world passes 45Mb on Nintendo Switch version, it start to lag hard.
      • Blocks instead of break just turn invisible and eventually drop.
      • Sometimes the day doesnt change to night and vice versa.
      • Eating food eventually restore your hungry but then the food reapears on the inventory and the hunger counter return to the past value.
      • Characters are freezing on multiplayer split screen mode.
      • Mobs are freezing or teleporting on split screen mode.

      • You cant lace mobs because the character is lagged and they dont follow you properly making the rope break.

      Note: Those issues just start to happen after the world reach 45Mb or more.

      A world just increasae its file size brutally if I go explore new places and its ruining the experience. I have to create new worlds to play because after the world reach a certain file size it turn impossible to play.

      Im using the graphics on the minimum with no effects and its effecting even solo player or multiplayer

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