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You can report bugs you've found in Minecraft Pocket Edition using this bug tracker. This is not for help or support, please use the Minecraft Pocket Edition forums if you need help with our game. Before you report a bug in Minecraft Pocket Edition, please perform a search first to see if someone has already contacted us about it to save yourself time and effort.

Useful Links:
- Guide: Writing Helpful Bug Reports for Minecraft

- Browse Reported Bugs

After you have searched and not found a issue, you can report it by pressing the button at the top.

Suggestions and Feature Requests
If you have a suggestion or feature request for Minecraft Pocket Edition, head over to the Minecraft Forums to share your ideas with everyone.

Tips for Making Awesome Reports

  1. Please search for your bug before creating a report to make sure your issue hasn't already been reported. If it has, please join the discussion there!
  2. Attach a screenshot of the bug if possible!
  3. Submit ONE issue per report please, it's easier for us to follow and manage!
  4. Please provide a (to the point) summary of your problem. Avoid one worded summaries and things like "help!!!".
  5. The description should contain details of the problem and how to reproduce it, so that we can more easily track down the problem and try to fix it (see the template we provide you with when you use the helpful links above).

Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased 0.11.0  
Unreleased 0.11.0 Pre-Beta  
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 7
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 8
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 9
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 10
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 11
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 12
Unreleased 0.11.0 Beta 13
Unreleased 0.11.1
Unreleased 0.11.2  

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