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When you exit a boat it disappears or rushes at you from behind



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    • Beta, 1.18.10
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Ride a boat some distance.
      2. Exit the boat and look back.

      Expected result

      You see the boat sitting where you got out of it.

      Actual result

      Updated for 1.18.0:

      • If you travelled a distance greater than your render distance setting from where you embarked, the boat usually disappears. The boat will reappear at the spot where you disembarked if you
        • Move > 70 blocks horizontally from the disembark location (entity render distance) and then back.
        • Reload the world.
      • If the boat does not disappear, it appears to teleport backward to the location where you embarked, and then it flies rapidly in a straight line to the point where you disembarked.
      • Mobs riding the boat have often been seen to teleport around while the boat remains invisible. This is not a separate bug, just a consequence of the boat being in an abnormal state.


      • You can shoot the invisible boat with a sufficiently strong bow and it will drop. You only have to aim to the place where you exited the boat.
        (by Wonderwoman8089 in this comment)
      • For people playing on worlds with cheats/commands enabled.
        Make sure you have one and only one boat (visible or not, where it is supposed to be) within a distance of 20 blocks:
        /ride @s start_riding @e[type=boat,r=20]

        And, to do it for another player:

        /execute Player_Name ride Player_Name start_riding @e[type=boat,r=20]

        (by Shyked in this comment)


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