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TPS Decreases Drastically If Many Mobs at Once Fail to Reach their Target


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      If multiple mobs are trying to generate a path to reach other mobs but fail each time, the TPS just starts dying immediately to the point the game is unplayable. I'm not at all experienced with coding but I'm thinking it's because the mobs will immediately try to generate another path after failing, with no delay in-between.

      This could double as an exploit by trolls/griefers on a server, as an extremely simple and cheap lag machine. It may even happen completely on accident, by maybe there being a cluster of zombies stuck underneath a village.

      I first found out about the bug by having an Iron Golem atop a surface that zombies cannot reach, thinking it was because they were on different Y-levels, but after a bit more testing by trapping a villager in a glass box surrounded by zombies, I found out that it didn't need to be different Y-levels.

      If it's worth your time I recommend watching this example video.

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