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Updated to 1.18 on xBox, now unable to interact with anything.


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      We updated tonight to 1.18, saved a copy of our world and updated it. Immediately we noticed if we stand on pressure plates, doors do not open or open very slowly. Some chests open while others don't. We can't go to the END. A bed we left by the END portal vanished. Sounds don't work anymore, for example falling did not make a sound. Minecarts could not be picked up and vanished when interacted with. Our villagers were not moving. The entire world just seems broken. It is all glitching out. It was starting to glitch just before the update, but now it's unplayable.

      Could this please be fixed asap? We've spent so much time in our world, we can't abandon it now!

            Tinoshinx Amanda
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