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Can't mine or place blocks in 1.17 chunks (or takes forever to break and place). World is acting crazyzy


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    • 1.18.0
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      I have created 4 copies of my world and in every copy I have trouble mining,I tried decreasing chunk generation and simulation distance but anything works. But for some reason in few chunks below -5(and new 1.18 chunks) the game go smoothly. There's also the saving world problem, saving icon appears a lot but It actually takes forever to save(Sometimes I was being send few blocks back after entering my world..). Most of the time that this happens is in my mine(close to Y:6), when I'm at my house(Y:127) or near the game slow or normal(but playable)... I actually don't know how to explain what's happening but I just want it fix..(I don't want to create a new world 😞)

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