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when under the effect of a beacon after upgrade to 1.18 5 minute position lag/block update desync


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      After the upgrade to 1.18 Whenever im standing in my base near my beacon or storage area i have up to 5 minute lag or desync when the game thinks im still in another place.


      I can drop blocks and they appear at the place i was 5 mins ago, if i move around i cant open chests that were not next to my starting point and the game doesnt register the placement or breaking of blocks at all.

      Playing on single player never encountered this issue before.


      If i move far enough away i can visually break blocks but they almost immediately reappear. and can suffocate me to death while the game stil registers me being somewhere else.

      Saving and leaving the game while under this issue places you in a location around 40 blocks from where you started.


      Interestingly enough breaking a block and have it visually disappear but still be there can be instantly reset with right click making it reappear.


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