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Unplayable lag since 1.16 update


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    • 1.20.51 (Bedrock)
    • 1.16 (Bedrock), 1.16.210 (Bedrock), 1.16.220 (Bedrock), 1.17 (Bedrock), 1.18 (Bedrock)
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      Since the 1.16 update, Realms has exhibited lag that becomes so bad as to make the game practically unplayable. The problem appears to become worse as additional players join. 

      Symptoms include:

      • Mine carts on powered rails slow down, their position updating as slowly as once every two seconds. When this happens, the mine cart can be half the speed of a walking player, or worse. The slowdown comes and goes without a repeatable cause. Sometimes leaving the cart and re-entering it can cause or stop the lag. Sometimes crossing a chunk boundary seems to change the amount of lag.
      • When mining blocks, the "drop" animation may play as many as six times before the item actually registers as dropped and is picked up by the player. When this is occurring, if a column of gravel falls onto track or a torch, the spray of repeating drop animations makes it practically impossible to see.
      • When placing blocks, especially in rapid succession, blocks may disappear immediately after being placed. (Prior to 1.16, blocks would re-appear after being mined; in 1.16, we instead have the opposite problem of blocks disappearing after being placed.)
      • Mobs may move in stop motion, their position updating once or twice per second. This also affects the rate at which hits are detected on them: you hit the mob, it takes a second for the hit to register, and in the meantime the game may register one or more hits against you by the mob. 

      The issue occurs for multiple players in our realm. In my case, I am playing on an Xbox One X connected directly via gigabit Ethernet through business-grade networking hardware over a 300Mbps/30Mbps cable connection. My latency to AWS is 39 ms (US-East Virginia) to 120 ms (US-West Oregon). Other players on our realm are located in two other states. Between us, we use three different ISPs. The issue is independent of networking hardware, ISP, or Xbox One revision.

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