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Massive Lag Spikes on Bedrock Realms


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      So, ever since the most recent update the Realms server (10 player) I have has been experiencing UNBELIEVABLE lag spikes. It seems to happen at random intervals, but nearly every single dawn in the game.

      The world itself does not appear to be the issue, as when a backup is downloaded and played it runs absolutely flawlessly. I am deeply unsure of the cause, but it is frankly unbearable.


      The world itself, in the event it helps was created on the Switch Console Edition, ported to Bedrock, a chunk space of about 7,000 x 7,000 blocks was loaded near spawn, however, we have recently changed the world spawn and moved about 220,000 blocks in the X-direction & 55,000 blocks in the y-direction away from the original spawn. Even when I am the only one on the server it lags unbearably.

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