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      I know there've been cases similar to mine, however I'm struggling to find the solution yet.

      My issue is, everything seem to be very lagging in the world I created on realm plus. Lagging in movement, mining ( object appear again seconds after mine). We have played this for almost 9 days, and this slowly happens 2 days ago, with just only almost 10 midsize building ( approx 30 x 30, height 20), 4 machines, including chicken farm spawning 10 chickens in 5mins. First it just happened with a few player now everyone experience the same problem and the problem seem getting worse and worse and almost unplayable. Also it took quite a long time to join in to the world ( ~360mb)

      I tried to down backup file to play offline hoping to find what cause this. It also lag and even crash my computer. Data jump up and down 10mb after just 3mins in offline mod. 
      We have absolutely no add on to this stage.

      Kindly follow the link below to see the record I made demonstrating the lag



      Please kindly assist us on this matter as this is very frustrating.


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