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I get significant lag spikes on my realm and I am considering unsubscribing.


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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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    • I run the game on an I pad on bedrock edition with ps4 controllers connected up, I don't know the gory details on the innards of my I pad, all I know is it is laggy and I'm not the only one.
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      All in game interactions with the world take a few seconds to load, doors elytra, building and mining less so, chests shulkers furnaces, the whole shebang. I also notice how sometimes mobs like zombies go invisible and invincible, I can't find them, kill them, or hear them I just hear the noise of getting hit by a mob. My friends on Xbox 1 have the same problem too so it isn't on my end and I have fast wi-fi so I think it is the server that sucks.This is serious to me because I paid a 10 dollar a month subscription for this thinking it was supposed to be better than google cloud servers but since they clearly run half as good, I am considering unsubscribing.

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