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Realm consistently laggy


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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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    • PC, Xbox, Android, PS4
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    • Bedrock

      While mining with a diamond pickaxe in the nether it becomes almost impossible to go at any speed due to lag. We also get lag from placing blocks, need to be replaced over and over. As well as jumping and building towers the block will also lag while placed pushing us from the tower. I had one instance where I fell into lava due to a block lagging out then coming back as I fell through the block itself. 

      We are all having this issue and connection from different devices, myself a PC with a high end graphcis card and CPU. Most people connecting on PS4 with one person using a phone and another from Xbox One X. All having the same issues. 

      This issue presistst when you are 1000s of blocks away from any creation or farm.


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