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Realms is very laggy in a sense of gameplay.


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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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      The realms is acting like it is slow and delayed. Eating food takes ages it will go through 7 food eating cycles before it will register it into your bar. Mobs are all walk in a stop and start motion like they are bugged. The more people to join the realm the worst it gets. When riding animals it is also stop and start motion and it is so bad and laggy. When on minecarts it is also the same. When picking up blocks it is laggy and takes 5-10 seconds before it goes into your inventory. I have tried resetting the realms but it does not fix anything. Players are also in a stop motion type lag. It is not my wifi connection and it affects every user on the realms. The realm also registers teleporting as someone falling and it will take the persons health if I teleport them somewhere and or kill them. Sometimes it takes awhile for a death to even register! Everything is just delayed or laggy! I have included a video of the players and a zombie. 

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