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Villagers / farms makes the server stop/lag


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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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    • Win10, 32gb ram, 6gb gpu, i7, x64 (of course).
      Xbox one - formated like 2 months ago, only have viaplay and minecraft installed.
      Xbox one elite.
      Ipad (one of the newer ones).
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    • Bedrock

      I have a Realm where my daughter (Xbox one), my other daughter (ipad) and i (win10) play on.

      I am quite new to minecraft (like 1 month), but i have encountered a lot of problems..
      I watched a lot of tutorials on how to make auto-farms (like chicken, wood, kelp, cacti farm etc.)
      And since my daughter (6 yr old) loves the way village's work - we currently live in one which we are expanding.
      The problem is on all 3 devices ( win10, Xbox and ipad) it lags A LOT when the villagers are out during the day, we have around 50 villagers and 15 sheeps, but during the day its unplayable, and often all the animals/villagers/farms just stop moving, and the kelp and cacti farms just stop producing even tho we stand just next to it - only fix is that we both leave the realm and rejoin, but then it just happens again if we dont go away from the villagers.
      Ive read that you can install mods to fix the pathfinding of villagers which apparently causes ALOT of lags, but for Realms - you cant install mods.
      So now im kinda stuck, i bought Realms and Minecraft for all 3 devices but its not really playable with all those lags and bugs, unless we want to quit and rejoin every 10 mins, or move away from what we kinda are in this game for?
      It does not mater if i put all settings to off/low - it also happens on the other devices, so im not in doubt that its the game itself.
      Im using a 32gb, i7, 6gb GPU pc - my pc runs Battlefield 5 on ultra.....
      So please, how do i fix this without killing any villagers?
      I can see that this started around update 1.14, and everyone are having problems with it. (Google gave me like 300k hits >,<)

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