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Far too Laggy on every device regardless of how well the internet connection it


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      I have been using minecraft realms for a little while now. Been playing with 4 other people; 2 of us play on PS5, one person plays on an iPad, and the other 2 on high end gaming PCs. No matter how well our connections are, and no matter what device everyone is using, we ALWAYS experience terrible lag that nearly makes the game unplayable. Hitting enemies is a chore, because even after hitting them a dozen times, only one hit registers. Worse, if we make a tower straight up to make a point of reference, the realm would literally lag and teleport us one block to the left or right, killing us from the height. We did not use any movement at all. Worse, opening doors and activating redstone circuits cause extreme lag to the point where it is borderline unplayable. 


      I think it is rediculous that private servers from other people have their worlds run SOOOOOOO much smoother than Realms EVER could, AND its free!!! It's an absolute embarrassment that under Microsoft's budget, your pathetic programmers can't even make something stable.  That, and ever since Bedrock edition was introduced to consoles, the game has run significantly worse and with less convenience in the UI. 

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