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Slow fliying and fps drops while walking


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    • 1.16 (Bedrock)
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    • Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) 1.16.0, Android 10, Android 9, PC Windows 10 and Xbox One, Realms Plus Suscription
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    • Bedrock

      Since update 1.16.0 the world of my Realm is very slow when I fly in creative mode, and when I walk, even in a straight line, every 10 blocks the game lowers the FPS for a fraction of a second and then they rise, this causes dizziness if you walk a lot; this only happens on my Realm on all devices whether mobile, PC and even on Xbox the error happens, both walking and flying, it is as if the load of chunks saturates the game, none of this happens in local worlds, only in Realms .

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