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Immediate lag upon creation with no load what so ever


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    • 1.17 (Bedrock)
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      I decided i was going to buy a realm subscription so a few friends and i could mess around with the new features in 1.16 and further. When i paid for the subscription and loaded in I immediately noticed immense amounts of just unreal lag. i have literally 0 clue as to whats causing this but i can 100% say it is not from my end im trying to play it on a pc that has run a server and played on said server with sevtech playing. i currently have 0 background things running to make sure it was not a cpu or gpu or ram issue and i have a 1 gigabyte download speed. i tried restarting my pc i tried rebooting a new world on the realm and nothing is working. i am reporting this because i believe there may be a bad code for generating new realm servers causing the game to lag beyond belief on mojang end. i have played on realms before with little to 0 issues and this in my eyes is just completely unacceptable and unplayable.

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