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      General Lag Issues

      This ticket was originally limited to lag issues associated with blocks and sounds. It is now being used to track general lag issues in 1.16.200 or later. When commenting, please briefly describe when you notice the lag and tell us your platform. Thank you.

      Original Description:

      Ever since 1.16.100 released, I have been having several issues with blocks being placed. The game registers that I have placed blocks however visually I cannot see them. The game eventually corrects this and places them all at once after about 15 seconds or so (on average, sometimes shorter sometimes longer).

      Whenever this occurs there is also an issue with the sound. Other blocks can be broke and placed and visually show even when the above issue is occuring. So I'll place a string of 20 Birch Wood Planks and visually they will not show however I can mine and break torches and place torches and these will visually appear as they should even while the Birch Planks are still trying to render (not sure if thats the right word). During the time the blocks are trying to render/load sound cuts away except footsteps. So no sound for breaking, placing, taking damage, from MOBs, etc. except for footsteps when walking. Sound returns once the blocks render/load.

      Not sure why this occurs.

      Update on this issue:

      Original report was for Switch, but this is also affecting other platforms (keep updated):

      • Nintendo Switch
      • Android
        • Redmi 7A
        • OnePlus 7 Pro
      • iOS
      • PlayStation
      • Windows 10 device
      • Bedrock Dedicated Server
      • Amazon

      (For those players affected, please could you please mention your device in the comments below.)

      Issues noticed related to this includes (keep updated):

      • Invisible block placement (~15 second delay until they appear)
      • Delay in block sounds
      • ender dragon is very jittery and laggy
      • falling block (eg gravel) animation is slow and buggy


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