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Realms are lagging almost all the time


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    • 1.19.63 (Bedrock)
    • MCPE-1.10, MCPE-1.11, PC-1.14.17, MCPE-1.11.4, MCPE-1.12.0, MCPE-1.12.1, MCPE-1.13.0, 1.14.20 (Bedrock), 1.14.30 (Bedrock), 1.14.60 (Bedrock), 1.16 (Bedrock)
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      Nearly all the time while playing on a Realm, it is lagging. This is very noticeable and becomes more noticeable when there are more players in the Realm.

      These are the issues with Realms that happen basically all the time unless you're the only one on, but even sometimes when you're the only one online, it can still lag:

      • When breaking blocks, the block particles and the item form of the block that appear are delayed by 1 second. When there are more players, this is worse.
      • The cracking animation when breaking blocks often is not visible when you're using a tool that can break blocks quickly.
      • Opening interactable things are delayed and can get more delayed as more players join.
      • Sometimes when placing blocks, the block will unplace itself and replace itself for a split second.

      This is not an issue on my end as other people on the Realm experience this and I often see this same lag when watching streamers play on their Realms.

      These Realm issues have been here ever since I started looking at Realms, which is at least over a year ago. These issues have not improved at all and make the experience when playing on Realms not as enjoyable. Realms often feel like low quality servers, which should not be the case.

      With the 1.12.0 update, Realm performance has gotten noticeably worse and two new issues have arisen:

      • When instant-mining blocks, very often a lot of the blocks will now re-appear, requiring you to mine it again. This makes your tool lose durability faster and slows down the process of digging.
      • When stripping logs, the log will often revert back to its unstripped state, requiring you to strip it again and wasting durability.


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