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Villager changing Professions after being traded with/leveled


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      You may be able to prevent this bug from occurring in either of two ways:

      1. If you plan to kill or remove any villager from a village, break its workstation first.
      2. Break and replace the workstation of any new villager before trading with it for the first time.

      Updated description by GoldenHelmet

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Get a villager who has never traded to link to a workstation without changing its profession to match. (This is the hard part, and I am not sure how to reproduce it. It happened for me twice while testing MCPE-63311. See comment below. Fortunately, I have a test world save in which this step is already done Buggy Boys.mcworld --the fisherman is linked to the smithing table.)
      2. Trade with the villager.
      3. Break the workstation.
      4. Place a workstation of the same type as the one you broke.

      Expected result:

      The villager keeps the profession it had when you traded with it.

      Actual result:

      The villager changes profession to match the workstation.

      Original description
      I had a villager turn into a librarian who sold mending 1 for 10 emeralds.  I traded paper twice and four times for mending books.  After walking away and coming back he had changed into a fisherman.  I know for certain that the mending villager changed because he was locked in a room with another mending villager.  Both had beds and workstations.  I removed every single barrel from my base (Which counted to about 120 after I was finished) and he refused to change profession despite no barrels existing.  The odd part being that he retained his previous librarian level locking him into the fisher class.


      Edit to Bug.


      Ive been working on figuring out details.  The villager hall I have now currently can have 120 villagers.  It seems most if not all villagers will swap to a new profession even if max level (when removing the workspace linked to them).  I think this bug may be related to villager tracking which I believe will be fixed in the nether update.  This may just be a side effect of another bug.

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