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      If iron golems are not spawning in your village, please review the updated iron golem spawning information for Bedrock Edition on the wiki. For more detailed guidance on iron farms, see the Bedrock section of the Iron Golem Farming Tutorial.

      • A frequent cause of iron golem spawns ceasing is that some villagers stop working. This can happen unexpectedly due to MCPE-46157. The best way to work around that bug in an iron farm is keep all of the villagers in a single chunk.
      • In some cases you may need to break and replace workstations in order to get villagers to work at them, due to a workstation linking bugs. (MCPE-62080 / MCPE-56889)

      Please keep in mind that the bug tracker is not designed to provide design advice or troubleshooting for builds. If you need help with an iron farm, you should visit the wiki pages linked above or reach out to the player community. Many of the users who create tutorials for farms will answer questions in comment sections or in their own Discord servers. You may also discuss builds on the Minecraft Discord.

      Iron golems sometimes don’t spawn when a player has done everything he can to get a village to meet all requirements for iron golems to be spawned. In particular,

      1. Villagers may not be able to claim workstations in order to meet the work requirement due to MCPE-49580.
      2. Beds in the village may not be counted due to MCPE-49580.
      3. Villagers may link to workstations incompletely, making the villager unable to either work or link to a new workstation, and making the workstation unavailable to other villagers. This is the precursor to MCPE-56889 and MCPE-62080.
      4. Some villagers (Farmers, Fishermen, and Librarians) will not work in the rain, unless their workstation is sheltered by a solid block.

      Original description
      Iron golems don’t spawn when a village that meats all requirements for one to be spawned doesn’t have one.

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