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Villager changing profession after leveling up


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      Had one villager changing his profession from cartographer to armorer, despite being at level 2. He's now a level 2 armorer, even though I've never used any of his armorer trades, and won't revert back.

      Happened while I was redesigning my base and moving the villager workplace locations around. I made sure all of my 7 villagers were at least level 2 before doing that, so I wouldn't lose their trades, and this bug only happened to this guy. He was the only cartographer and I didn't have an armorer before. I had an unassigned blast furnace as well as many other workstations. Also noticed that he changed his assigned bed while doing that. I made the move during the night while the villagers were asleep.

      Edit: also noticed the blast furnace was the closest empty workstation to the bed he was sleeping on, but there were other villagers sleeping closer to it.

      Playing on win10, beta, 100% vanilla, survival on hard.

            Biros Daniel Oliveira Marins dos Anjos
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