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Villagers working at wrong work station for their profession


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    • 1.16.100
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      You may be able to prevent this bug from occurring by breaking the workstation of any villager that you plan to kill, zombify, or otherwise remove from a village.

      Updated by GoldenHelmet

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a bed and workstation.
      2. Spawn a villager (A) and wait for it to link to the bed and workstation.
      3. Spawn another villager (B).
      4. Relog.
      5. Kill villager A. Villager B will then link to the workstation without changing its profession to match.
      6. Spawn a zombie and allow villager B to be turned into a zombie villager.
      7. Remove the zombie and cure villager B.

      Expected result

      Villager B changes profession to match the workstation and works there.

      Actual result

      Villager B never changes profession, but works at the non-matching job site block and refreshes trades.

      Note: steps 1-5 are also part of the reproduction steps for MCPE-62080. Fixing the underlying issue of villagers linking to profession blocks without changing profession to match should fix both of these bugs.

      Original description
      Villagers like on my video was a weapon Smith and he using wrong block to use resupply his own item last, the farmer villager was died and he using composter I just got crash after save the world pls fix

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