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Villager changes profession or trades after being traded with


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    • 1.17.11 Hotfix, 1.17.10, 1.16.220, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.16.210, 1.17.2 Hotfix, 1.17.40, 1.18.2 Hotfix, 1.18.12 Hotfix, 1.18.31, 1.19.10, 1.19.31 Hotfix, 1.19.40, 1.19.51, 1.19.63, 1.19.71, 1.19.83 Hotfix, 1.20.13 Hotfix, 1.20.41 Hotfix, 1.20.60, 1.20.73 Hotfix, 1.20.81 Hotfix, 1.21.1 Hotfix
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      when I was  trading with this farmer villager i got its trade levels up to 3 because i needed apples to make golden apples but as soon  i ran out of emeralds , so i opened my enderchest to get more. as soon as i tried to trade with my villager it changed it profession from farmer to a fletcher even though there was no work site job for making this villager to a fletcher and the farmer worksite  is literally next to the villager. so now i have to get a zombie villager, cure it, make it into a farmer, to get more apples.Minecraft devs please fix this bug.

            Golem king tony
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