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Wont go past Initial white Minecraft page



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      Update on this issue by Auldrick

      13-Nov-19: - The symptoms described in this report can have very many causes. At the time of this report, 3 separate causes were identified, and all of them were fixed by the time 1.8 was released. There were no subsequent reports of the bug, so this ticket was closed as Fixed 10 months ago.

      The recent reports of similar symptoms on iOS since 1.13.0 was released have unrelated causes which are being tracked at MCPE-54465. I would recommend upvoting and watching that issue if you started having a problem like this on your iOS device at about the time of the 1.13.0 release. Some of the causes of the problem were fixed in 1.13.1, but the developers have more known causes that they're still working on.

      Update on this issue by Mega_Spud

      11-Oct-18: - The 1.8.x beta versions now have a loading screen feature that enables us to see exactly what is being loaded - if you are able to include a screenshot here of the loading screen at the point where it is crashing it would very helpful.

      25-July-18: - The hotfix should have resolved the issue for many of the players. For anyone still affected, could you please leave a comment below that includes your device details and any new information that might help in finding out the cause of the problem.

      23-July-18: The latest on the issue is that players are getting stuck on the loading screen as it tries to load in certain textures for the in game store. The developers have pinned down the problem and we are working on getting a hotfix out to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

      I have the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I have uninstalled the app, cleared cache, cleared data, restarted my phone, did a factory reset and I checked to see if my device supported NEON (it does) , and it still wont yo past the first white minecraft loading page


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