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MCPE(Bedrock) freezes when connected to a Microsoft account and offline (airplane mode, no wifi or cellular)


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      9/11/2020 (11/9/2020 for non Americans) Update: this bug report was created for Apple, but in 1.16.2, android devices began to be affected by it (I have yet to test it personally, but many have said that their android is affected by it).
      The bug has been fixed on Apple devices as of 1.16.4

      My iPad is on the latest MC update. When I open the app and I am not connected to a sort of wifi(wifi, hotspot, etc.) and the game tries to connect itself to my Microsoft account, it will freeze about a minute or two later, whether or not I'm not on a world. 

       Now for Discription

      The way way to reproduce it is to

      1-make sure that Minecraft has already connected to a Microsoft account

      2-turn anything off that is giving you internet

      3- The app will stay on the loading screen for a few seconds, then crash

      I realized that if you disconnect your minecraft from your Microsoft account, the game will not freeze. (I have lost multiple things one time because I died and the game froze)

      I also realized that you can turn your internet off while on minecraft and the game won't freeze

      (End Old)

       Update for 1.12: The game will now freeze and crash before the loading screen has finished, with the final four loading bars remaining (if that matters). The freeze may last for ten seconds before it crashes. This also affects iPhones, though mine manages to finish the loading screen, but briefly pauses when their are four loading bars left. It also crashes a few seconds after finishing the loading screen.

      Also, it seems that the root cause has to do with Xbox Live. When it was not connected, there is no crash, but as long as your login info is saved, it will attempt to connect, and will crash if it is unable to connect to the Xbox servers. It is not that i can't be connected to internet to test this bug, but really poor internet, or Internet that blocks Xbox live connections. I hope this makes sense to you developers. It seems to affect not only iPads, but iPhone's too (tested).

      My Suggestion: Right now, as it may take time to fully figure out the issue, I suggest you disable automatic Xbox live sign in if the application is not connected to any WiFi or Cellular. There can than be a button to reconnect if the user wishes (maybe replacing the sign in button), and it will automatically sign the user back into his/her Xbox live account without having to do the long sign in process (where you take out the Password book and so on). The issue won't be fully solved, but it would be bypassing the issue altogether. I hope this suggestion helps you and your team fix this long standing bug, or at least bypass it.

      It could be an optional setting next to the Xbox live section in the profile area. As it seems to only affect apple, you could have the button be there for IOS only, though some may wish to not have to sign in/out multiple times.

      -The one problem with this idea is if you are connected to WiFi that has Xbox live blocked. Possibly, you could have the device send a ping, with a Mojang/Minecraft server sending a ping back, If the ping doesn't come back to the tablet, you wouldn't be signed in. (This is probably a terrible idea, but i'm simply throwing ideas out there)

       Update-Still affects 1.14.0

      Update- Still an issue with 1.16

      Update- Affects Android 1.16.2

      Update- Apple bug fixed in 1.16.4, still issue with Android

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