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No chests in desert or jungle temple


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    • Beta, 1.18.10
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      The reproduction of this bug is equivalent to the reproduction of MCPE-141499. There are three general steps to trigger either bug:

      1. Player comes within render distance + 2 chunks of the structure, but not within simulation distance. This triggers the chunk to generate because it contains tile entities.
      2. Player moves away so that the chunk is no longer rendered.
      3. During autosaving, the player comes within simulation distance of the chunk.

      I am not 100% sure that step (2) is necessary, but I think it is. My theory is that because the chunk was outside of render distance in step (2), it only loads block data when it comes back into render distance in step (3), and then gets ticked before it can load entity data because the game is busy saving other chunks.

      The following more precise steps work in 1.17.30 without the Caves & Cliffs experimental generation. In future versions or with the experimental toggle enabled, you will need to use a different seed and location.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set render distance to 8 and turn on the autosave icon in video settings.
      2. Create a world with seed 1968687984, simulation distance 6, and coordinates enabled.
      3. After you spawn, move forward across the river until you get to about Z = 85. Make a pillar there to mark your location so that it is visible while flying.
      4. Fly around to the north of the pillar (-Z direction) until the auto-save icon appears. (You may need to at Z < 80 until the icon appears to trigger the bug.)
      5. While the autosave icon is on (showing that autosave is happening), fly past your pillar heading south (+Z) until you arrive at the desert temple (X: 640, Z: 256).
      6. Enter the desert temple and go down to the treasure room.

      Expected result

      There are chests in the desert temple.

      Observed result

      No chests in the desert temple. Demo: https://youtu.be/elJ2t-H_3ro

      Entered a desert temple, everything there but there were no chests.

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