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Generated structures can sometimes generate incompletely



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      Generated structures can generate incompletely in terms of entities, chests, and structure.

      In terms of entities, a generated structure can have no entities at all. According to my own experience, I was exploring a woodland mansion with my friends on normal difficulty (it was generated in gmc). We found neither vindicators nor evokers at all.

      In terms of chests, a generated structure can have missing chests in some parts or generate without chests throughout the whole structure. For example, a village blacksmith can have no chest; a desert temple can have no chests (all 4); and an end city can have neither a chest nor ender chest in some of its treasure rooms.

      In terms of structures, a generate structure can generate as incomplete. For example, a stronghold can have no iron doors as well as its jail cells ; a nether fortress can have netherrack chunk obstructed in a room; an end gateway portal can have 2 blocks of bedrock missing.

      Please take effort to fix this bug asap (by 1.2 or 1.1.5) which has affected the players and thanks for taking your time reading this.

      Device: iPad mini 2


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