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  • [MCPE-23416] - No chests in desert or jungle temple
  • [MCPE-48622] - Corridor chests sometimes won’t generate in Stronghold
  • [MCPE-51142] - Water/lava affects view height
  • [MCPE-67479] - Cocoa pods on chunk borders can break when loading
  • [MCPE-90632] - Construction Tab has a brighter color in the Pocket GUI
  • [MCPE-97295] - Nether Fortresses Not Generating Blaze Spawners
  • [MCPE-109860] - Inventory menu in VR appears behind objects
  • [MCPE-114173] - Observer stores powered_bit state when broken
  • [MCPE-116541] - Placing a horizontal/sideways Lightning Rod inside liquids causes it to un-render
  • [MCPE-125388] - When you exit a boat it disappears or rushes at you from behind
  • [MCPE-141499] - Too many pillagers and golems can spawn at outpost.
  • [MCPE-144222] - Vertically retracting waterlogged blocks creates ghost water
  • [MCPE-145821] - It says "None" when nothing is selected in the Arms & Legs sections of the Character Creator
  • [MCPE-147713] - You can scroll down in the Color Section while in the Character Creator when first loaded
  • [MCPE-150198] - Paintings can be placed overlapping glow item frames (z-fighting)
  • [MCPE-150492] - Boat Oars Texture When Held Or In Inventory Doesn't Match The Boats Wood Type
  • [MCPE-150770] - Text on Cancel button is not visible
  • [MCPE-151506] - Empty slots are visible when opening creative inventory
  • [MCPE-151536] - Frogs can eat goats
  • [MCPE-151545] - Chest only has first row available.

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