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Cocoa pods on chunk borders can break when loading


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    • Beta, 1.18.10
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      Cocoa pods attached to jungle logs across a chunk border can break during chunk loading. This happens when the chunk with the cocoa pods is loaded first and there is a delay in loading the chunk with jungle logs. This appears to be the same issue that was patched for several other blocks that attach horizontally in MCPE-11477.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place jungle logs along a chunk border.
      2. Place cocoa pods on the side of the jungle logs, in the neighboring chunk (by using beans, or with commands).
      3. Save & quit while in a chunk on the pod side of the logs, and facing away from the pods and logs.
      4. Reload and turn around.

      Expected result: The cocoa pods remain attached to the jungle logs.

      Actual result: Sometimes the cocoa pods break (they drop beans if drops are enabled). This is more likely when there is loading lag, as when near chunks with a lot of mobs and/or updating blocks.

      The attached video Cocoa breaks on chunk borders.mp4 shows this bug being reproduced across several chunks in a small test world by setting random tick to maximum. At the beginning you can see cocoa pods filling 5 rows of jungle logs, and at the end after relog you can see that all of pods from the 4th and 5th rows have broken off.

      The attached test world, Load test.mcworld , reproduces this bug fairly consistently if you set the random tick speed to 4096 before loading the world. The world contains rows of jungle logs and a system of command block minecarts to automate steps 1-2 en masse. (It also contains some structures relevant to other bugs )

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