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Mobs disappearing once put through nether portal



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    • 1.16.220, Beta
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      Note from GoldenHelmet

      The cause of this issue for non-persistent mobs on simulation distance 6+ is detailed in this comment.
      The cause of this issue for pets is detailed in this comment.

      If you are experiencing this issue in other circumstances, such as with villagers or tamed horses, please try to provide information like the following:

      • Does the problem occur in a singleplayer, multiplayer, or both?
      • Do lost mobs reappear if you use the portal several times?
      • Does the problem still occur, or do lost mobs reappear, if you relog before going through the portal?
      • What are the portal coordinates?
      • If the problem occurs regularly, could you provide a copy of you world save?

      When more than 1 but less than 15 mobs are sent through a nether portal, all of them except for 1 despawn.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a nether portal.
      2. Spawn a couple of mobs.
      3. Send the mobs through the nether portal.
      4. Enter the nether portal.

      Observed Results:
      All of the mobs except for 1 have despawned.

      Expected Results:
      No mobs should despawn when sent through the nether portal.

      Original Description:
      So I have A survival world that I just built a really awsome villager breeder. It works perfectly fine until the baby villagers are born and are taken to the nether portal. Almost everytime a villager goes through it disappears and I can’t get them back. Only 10 out of 20 babies have made it.


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