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Mobs and Entities can despawn randomly



    • Type: Bug
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      Updated description by [Mod] GoldenHelmet July 22, 2020
      This ticket is used as parent for all otherwise unexplained mob disappearances. It covers mobs disappearing related to nether portal travel, long distance single-dimension travel, crashes, realm lag, and any other circumstance, except for the specific circumstances covered by MCPE-66818, MCPE-51837 and MCPE-16863.

      There are 2 main kinds of random mob despawns discussed in the comments below: individual mobs disappearing near chunk borders, and groups of mobs in a chunk disappearing at the same time. Both of these seem to be connected to chunk saving or loading.

      I have attached a test world that can be used to reproduce despawning on chunk borders due to a crash with the following steps to reproduce:

      1. Load [EX] Chunk border despawn demo.mcworld.
      2. Press the button to spawn a villager.
      3. Save & quit, then reload, to confirm that the the villager is kept in the world save.
      4. Open the world, flip the lever, and start a stopwatch.
      5. After about 10-15 seconds, close Minecraft without exiting the world (for example, in Windows 10 press alt-F4).
      6. Reopen Minecraft and reopen the test world.

      Expected result

      The villager is still present.

      Actual result

      Sometimes the villager will be gone. I estimate this occurs about once out of 20 attempts. You can see the entire sequence in Chunk border despawn demo.mp4.

      What happens when the villager disappears is that sometime between flipping the lever and force-closing the game, the chunk in which the player is located gets auto-saved and the chunk to the right does not. You can verify this by observing that a honey block is also missing--the fact it was pushed out of the left chunk by the piston is saved, but the fact it was pushed into the right chunk is not.

      Original description
      When I go to Nether and I went back my hourses an my animal that I feed is disappear

      Edit by [MCPE Helper] Zeb: When playing on multiplayer, entities can despawn when you travel to the Nether and back to the Overworld.

      Keep in mind that entities that have never been interacted with are SUPPOSED to despawn. When testing this bug, please make sure to interact with the entities you're observing first. If the entity ever sets you as its target, follows you, or gets fed/bred/punched/etc. by you, that counts as an interaction. Also, make sure you are actually experiencing this bug and not MCPE-1982.

      Moderator Note by [MCPE Mod] Dr.Awesome4333: Please only comment New information about the issue.

      Update on this issue:

      We are still working on a solution for this issue. Currently entities can end up being lost if they happen to be positioned on the boundary between two chunks when the game crashes. One workaround for this is to position mobs away from chunk boundaries, which can be calculated using coordinates.


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