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My villagers are not linking up to workstations or beds, and will not breed


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      I play on a realm and sometimes my villagers are not linking up to workstations. When 3 or more people are online my villagers stop linking up to beds or workstations.


      This report concerns villagers not linking at all to easily accessible POI (beds, workstations, bells), especially in multiplayer worlds. There are several other reports that address similar-looking situations that actually have very different causes. Before commenting here, please try to confirm that you are experiencing this bug, and not one of the following:

      • Villagers do not always link to the closest available POI: this is intended behavior per MCPE-45270
      • Villagers detect and link to POI they cannot reach: MCPE-50441
      • Villagers link to POI that are unreasonable distances from them: MCPE-63311
      • Villgers cannot pathfind around obstructions to reach POI: MCPE-42912
      • Villagers cannot pathfind over or through various blocks to reach POI: MCPE-45560
      • Villagers de-link and switch POI: MCPE-46157
      • Newer villagers steal POI from older villagers: MCPE-43071
      • Villages overpopulate (leaving some villagers with no POI to link to): MCPE-47212
      • Villagers appear not to link to workstations, in that they won't refresh trades: precursor to MCPE-62080 and MCPE-56889

      A user has offered technical analysis of this bug in this YouTube video and this comment. It is suggested that the bug is triggered by abruptly leaving a village too soon after you entered it, either by quitting the world or by using a Nether portal. This means you could work around the problem by waiting a couple of minutes before taking either of these actions. You shouldn't need to wait before walking out of the village, though.

      As a reminder, please limit comments to new information, and add a vote to show your interest in getting this issue addressed.

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