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Villagers of the same profession switching workstations



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    • 1.16.200
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      Updated description by GoldenHelmet

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Build a village that crosses 2 chunks, A and B. (Or use Scrambletown.mcworld)
        • Seal off each chunk with fences/walls.
        • In chunk A, spawn at least 1 villager and give it a bed and workstation.
        • In chunk B, spawn several villagers and link them to beds and workstations in individual cells.
      2. Cycle day and night to confirm bed and workstation linkages.
      3. Travel away from the village in the B --> A direction until only chunk A is within simulation distance.
      4. Wait 25 minutes.
      5. Travel back to the village.
      6. Cycle day and night to check bed and workstation linkages.

      Expected result

      The villagers in chunk B remain linked to the same beds and workstations, OR each villager re-links to the bed and workstation that is in its cell.

      Actual result

      The links in chunk B get scrambled. Villagers link to beds and workstations in the cells of other villagers rather than the beds and workstations in their own cells.

      Original description
      Bringing in villagers 1 at a time to a new location over 100 blocks away to a trading hall.  I set down a work station for a Novice villager (a composter).  Green particles are emitted so I would assume the villager has now accepted that workstation for his own.  I go back and bring another villager in, again from over 100 blocks away.  I do the same thing, put them in their holding area, set down a workstation, wait for the green particles, then go get another.  After bringing in several, they are changing workstations for some reason or another.  The only way I can get them to restock is to let them run free.  I don't dare bring in any other professions right now till this is fixed.  If it doesn't get fixed.  I will have to create different trading halls for each and every profession over 100 blocks away from each other.  I hope you see where this is going.  Not fun.  I hope there will be a fix for this, if not, I will probably not spend much more time playing.  It is too time consuming to do what needs to be done with this latest version 1.11.1


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