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New villagers steal workstations from established villagers


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      Updated description by GoldenHelmet

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Build a village across 3 aligned chunks (A, B, C) as follows: (or use Steal test.mcworld)
        • Place a bed and workstation in chunk A, then spawn a villager and let it link.
        • Place a bed in chunk C and a workstation in chunk B. This workstation should be a different type than the workstation in chunk A. Again, spawn a villager and let it link.
        • Trade with the villager who works in chunk B to lock in his profession.
        • Place bed in chunk B, then spawn a villager and let it link.
      2. Set time to night and allow the villagers to get to their beds.
      3. Fence off chunk A so that the villager who sleeps there cannot wander out of the chunk.
      4. Move away from the village in the chunk C --> chunk A direction until only chunk A is within simulation distance and chunks B and C are not.
      5. Wait at least 25 minutes.
      6. Walk back to the middle of the village.

      Expected result

      The locked-profession villager keeps the workstation in chunk B.

      Actual result

      The villager who sleeps in chunk B takes the workstation in chunk B.


      Steps (3-4) make the villager in chunk A the only villager who is simulated (ticked). Step (5) drops the other villagers from the villager dwellers list. Step (6) re-adds them to the dwellers list. Since the unemployed villager in B is re-added before the villager in C, he links to the workstation in B before its original owner has the chance.

      Notes on gameplay impact:

      • Steps (4-6) occur naturally in a normal game context if a player spends time mining, building, etc. at a certain distance from a village.
      • This bug occurs in a similar way and sometimes in conjunction with MCPE-47212. The other bug referred to in the original description below has been resolved as a duplicate of that one.

      Original description

      Problem: In our man made village (See MCPE-43070 for the issue relating to this) villagers have started taking up jobs that others already have, leading them to not letting others work, and resupply their trades. For example we have one grindstone, and one smithing table, but we have two weapon smiths, and two tool smiths, and they both appeared after trading with the first of each, preventing the originals from resupplying. It's an annoying issue, since we had both the original weapon and tool smith level 3, but can no longer level them up, since their trades can't be resupplied. We could place more stations down, but we don't want more of each.


      Steps to Reproduce: Since I'm not sure of the true cause, please see the above issue about villager overpopulation, and see if it has anything to do with it

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