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Strongholds sometimes don't generate the End Portal.



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      Haven't been able to locate the end portal in strongholds in version 1.0.0 on windows 10 or Android I used eye of ender twice to find stronghold (Because the locate command produces an error..!) but despite excavating the entire structure found no end portal.


      Clarification of the Resolution "Works As Intended" (by Auldrick)

      This issue was resolved as Works As Intended. The reason is not that Mojang intends to create broken strongholds to annoy and frustrate you. It's because this is an unavoidable consequence of the algorithms used for realism in structure generation. There's a conflict between making generated structures realistic and minimizing the chance that they'll overlap (and therefore that one will be overwritten). Mojang carefully chose its generation algorithms to balance these goals, and that is where the "Intended" part enters the picture.

      Unfortunately, it just isn't practical to ensure that overlaps never occur. 


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