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end portal not in stronghold


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      i literally bought the game today and me and brother played from 7pm - 7 am on hard survival mode doing all the normal things in minecraft once we decided it was time to go to the end we get our eyes of ender and go to the stronghold only to find THERE IS NO END PORTAL... so we decide that after earning all of these achievements we would just be fine changing to creative to try and find it only to find out it wasn't there. then we decided we deserve a end portal at our base. so we did that AND it DIDNT EVEN WORK... we googled everything and this is absolutely mind blowing. that the fact i bought the game TODAY or should i say last night and it doesn't even work. absolutely unbelievable we can't even go to the end to get what we want anymore or even beat the game AT ALL. embarrassing absolutely EMBARRASSING.

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