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Minecraft, Bedrock Realms - End Portal is missing (did not generate)


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      Minecraft Realms Server: New Mars

      Owner: Dexter Nothi

      Seed: 542087618

      Using Eye of Ender to locate the End Portal (end game content) we discovered the stronghold only partially generated. The room where the end portal does not exist. We have exhaustively mined out 50 - 100 blocks in every direction down to bedrock in hopes the stronghold and portal generated nearby. However, nothing.... 

      I purchased this server to teach a group of autistic children: team building, basic circuitry and how working together they may defeat the Ender Dragon and get the achievement for it. After building three cities, multiple farms, filling out multiple maps and spending many hours developing this map in survival mode : the last thing I want to do is make them start all over from scratch. 

      I and the kids are extremely disappointed. I am reaching out in a last ditch effort to see if an end portal can be generated on our realm without destroying the progress already made, and without destroying their ability to attain achievements. 

      We love minecraft. It is a great medium to teach team work. Can someone help us? 

            Dexter Nothi Mitchell H. Snow
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