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Most sounds are too loud up close and/or too quiet a short distance away


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      Nearly all sounds in Bedrock Edition attenuate too dramatically. They are too loud within a block or two of the player and too quiet when > 5 blocks away. For example, if you adjust your device volume up to clearly hear mob sounds at 10-15 blocks then the volume of things like taking hits, throwing tridents, or trading with villagers becomes uncomfortably loud. Some specific sounds have been adjusted in the past to make them less unpleasant (MCPE-14420 / 48919, MCPE-35222, MCPE-51049) or, conversely, more noticeable (MCPE-122296, MCPE-164935), but these ad hoc adjustments have failed to address the underlying issue of extreme default attenuation.

      According to this detailed comment Bedrock Edition uses exponential attenuation while Java Edition uses linear attenuation.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load Sound Attenuation Test.mcworld
      2. Stand on the Lapis Lazuli line and use each of the listening stations:
        (a) glass automatically breaking from 1 to 15 blocks away
        (b) villagers to trade with at 1 and 5 blocks away
        (c) levers to flip at 1 and 5 blocks away
        (d) minecart automatically moving back-and-forth between 1 and 15 blocks away

      Expected result

      Sound attenuates gradually with distance. Common sounds like block breaking and villager interactions are not overly load right next to you; sounds do not sound far off when they originate within interaction range at 5 blocks away; and you can hear the difference between 5 blocks and 15 blocks.

      Observed result

      Sound volume drops off steeply from 1 to 5 blocks and there is very little difference between 5 and 15 blocks. Common sounds like block breaking and villager interactions are uncomfortably loud if you have your volume up high enough to hear things 15 blocks away.

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