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Horse/Boat/Minecart you are riding on disappears on relog or crash


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      Updated description by GoldenHelmet: 

      Expected result:

      If you exit Minecraft while riding an entity, you would still be riding that entity when you reload the world. If Minecraft closes without the using the "save & quit" option to exit the world first, the auto-save function would preserve the entity you are riding.

      Observed result:

      If you are riding an entity and exit Minecraft without using the "save & quit" function–whether intentionally or due to a crash, OS event, or network event beyond your control–the entity you were riding will often be gone when you reopen the world.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Ride an entity.
      2. Wait long enough for an auto-save to occur. (30 seconds seems to be enough.)
      3. Travel some distance after the last auto-save. In the attached test world, Bye Bye Horsey.mcworld, travel from one end of the track (in minecart) or canal (in boat), or about twice as far on the horse if it is a fast one.
      4. Close Minecraft without using the “save & quit” function. (I used Alt-F4 in Windows 10.)  
      5. Reload Minecraft and reopen the world.



      Original description:

      When you save and quit while on a horse, when you log back in, the horse is gone.

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