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World Will Not Generate - stuck on loading screen when player is located in the end dimension


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    • 1.12.1
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      Update on this issue by Mega_Spud:

      If you have a copy of the world that available that has this issue, you might like to upload a copy of it for investigation.

      • On Windows 10 you can use the Export world feature.
      • On Android or iOS you need to use a file explorer to navigate to Device storage > games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds
      • On Xbox or Switch the only way is to upload it to a Realm, and then download the world on Windows 10 or Android/iOS.

      If the world is larger than 10MB you can upload the world to OneDrive or a similar file sharing site, and then share the link.

      After saving in the End my world will no longer generate and I can not play. I have found several other people with this exact same issue and they all saved in the End as well. They were also all on Xbox. This is a huge issue that needs to be fixed immediately.

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