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Game breaking loading bug (world infinitely generating) on XBOX Bedrock.



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      I was playing Minecraft with 4 of my other friends on XBOX LIVE, in Minecraft Bedrock edition, and I was getting off to leave, so I saved and quit the game using the in game menu like normal. I got back and when I tried to join my game, it got stuck on the “generating world” screen, with the green bar and the loading tips. My friends were able to join the game through the ingame multiplayer menu, even though on my screen it still said “generating world.” My world size is 160.7mbs and we have a lot of progress, killing the enderdragon etc so its a pretty big world file. Another important thing to know is that I was in the end, exploring for end cities, and I was pretty far out, maybe me logging out of the end, having a large  game save and having been far out from the end spawn contributed to the infinite loading? I’ve tried everything from copying the world, restarting my Xbox, unplugging it, reinstalling the game, etc

      If you have any concerns or if you are experiencing the same, comment down below.





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