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Wheat causing lag in update 1.2.3


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      Since the official roll out of 1.2.3, I have been experiencing extreme lag in my base and village.

      After process of elimination, wheat is causing the issue. If I try to harvest it, lag triggers. If I grab some from a chest and try to feed it to cows, everything lags, and instead I eat the wheat (with sound triggered) at a very quick speed.

      By lag, I mean severe drop in FPS that turns the world into slow motion. Restarts and relogs do not help.

      When moving out of the immediate area with wheat lag resolves until attempting to feed a "wild" cow, then the same issue occurs, and I eat the wheat.

      I have now removed all wheat sources and will not feed the cows and lag has resolved as a temporary fix. I will also be avoiding villages.

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