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Sever lagging and animals not following



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      Xbox One


      After latest update my world is near unplayable due to extreme lagging.
      I play on my own, offline. Sometimes my husband joins the game from his PC. He’s tested this while I am experiencing the lag, and his game is unaffected.
      I tried saving and quitting the game from the dashboard and then holding the power button on the Xbox down to turn it off, then unplugged and left for a few minutes before trying again.
      I have switched all video/graphics settings to low and minimise the draw distance.
      As I’m having an issue with animals not following food as well I figured maybe I had too many animals, so I killed them all off.
      Nothing I’ve done has made any difference.
      I dunno if this is relevant considering I’m not playing a multiplayer online game, but I am connected to the intervenes via ethernet cable and when testing connection getting 161mbps downstream.
      This issue has only started since I logged into the same world (I started new after he Better Together thing in September) i’ve been playing for the last few weeks, and have had no issues with up until the latest update.


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