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Severe lagging and animals not following food


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      Since the recent update/patch that I noticed yesterday when I signed in to play, I have suffered incredible lag. I’m playing on my own, offline, and this is a new world that I created after the Better Together update in September. I’m playing in survival mode and my base is on top of a stronghold and beside a village.. It doesn’t matter if I am inside one of my houses or digging in a tunnel near bedrock, the game has started lagging so badly that it is near unplayable. I’ve noticed the issue worse when approaching animals with food to breed them. The animals also do not follow me anymore and I have to chase them around to farm them. I thought maybe I had too many animals so killed them all off, but it made no difference.
      I have also tried putting all graphics to low and minimising the draw distance; this makes no difference either.
      I have tried saving and quitting the game from dashboard and then switching the Xbox off (by hiding the button down) and then unplugging for a couple of minutes. No improvement after doing this either.
      It’s only been a little more than 24 hours since I switched on to play and noticed there had been an update again to fix bugs, but since this update I’m struggling to actually do anything in the game due to the lag, and it’s kind of a bummer
      I tried searching for similar posts but all the lag issues I’m seeing are from a year or so ago and mostly on the pc.
      My husband tried joining the game on his pc to test it and it was working fine for him.

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